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Zero plastics in the garbage dump in France in 2020, plead the sector

Paris( AFP ) - France should reduce to zero, from now to 2020, the proportion of plastic waste that is buried in the landfills, extending the collection of including individuals beyond bottles and flasks, this is the plead that the Federation of plastic processors, Plastic Europe, made last thursday.

The last year in France, the proportion of plastic waste ( total of 3.3 millions of tonnes, in which two-thirds are packing) that was putting in the landfill went down in 38 %, against 39,1 % in 2011, according to the numbers reveled last thursday by the converters.

The energy recovery, this mean the plastic incineration in the plants to produce electricity or heat, this has been increased to 42 % (against 41,7% ) , according to Plastics Europe.

Recycle, the most virtuous solution, has made progress from 19,5% to 20 % , although 60% of the treatments are made by exportation, specially to China, explain Michel Loubry, director of the Western Europe division of Plastics Europe, in a conference.

Even if the situation is going better, France still behind of the European average (26,3%) in the recycling of materials, although that the buried in the garbage dump is the same.

According to the projections of Plastics Europe, at the current rhythm, it could take until 2035 to see the plastics totally out of the garbage dumps, while that the Europeans texts prohibit in theory, the burying of products which can be use for energy recovery or recycling like is the case of plastics.

The Federation of plastics producers initiative set an objective to 2020, even thought they recognizes that will be difficult to achieve.

A big source of progress come from the extension of appropriate waste-sorting initiatives of plastic in France, actually limited to the bottles and flasks -outside of a formal process 3,7 millions of persons collect all types of plastics ( bags, pots, punnets, etc).

Plastics Europe support also the development of the solid recovered fuel (SRF), this fuel is obtained after sorting from the waste of high heat power materials (plastics, wood, cardboard, etc.), highly established in Germany and North Europe.

His evolution needs important investments -that had not been calculated- but if the objective is achieve in 2020 it is possible to save until of one billion of barrels of petroleum , calculated in 78 billions of euros , explain Plastics Europe.

The most ecological countries of Europe : they incinerate they waste!


Recycling + Composting + Incineration
  • Germany 99%

  • Holland 98%

  • Belgium 96%

  • Sweden 96%

  • Denmark 95%

  • Luxembourg 75%

  • France 66%

  • Italy 55%

  • Great Britain 43%

  • Spain 40%

  • Portugal 37%

  • Greece 16%

Recycle chain


Consequences of the human activity and his impact in the environment.

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It is necessary to increase the physical and chemical transformations,
that allow those materials become the basic substances for fundamental materials for the plastics fabrication: the polymers.

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The recycle is today the capital of our world.

The Polymers

The thermoplastics - the heat-hardening- the elastomers

These are the materials that are essentially composed by long chains of elementary molecules assembly and constitutes of atoms of carbon in which the ones the chemical process enables the attachment of the other elements, as chorine, fluorine, etc.

Those macromolecules are divided in three big fundamental families each one with their particular characteristics ; thermoplastics, the heat-hardening- and the elastomers.

  • The thermoplastics

  • They have as principal characteristic the malleability under the effect of heat, this make easier the moulding and leur transformation in different forms. This material only get back to initial rigidity after cooling, without thermally degradation.

    From this material results different categories, including the polyamides (PA) we can find this material in the tissues ( for example Nylon) et le conditionnement of merchandises.

  • The thermosetting

  • They are different of recycle thermoplastics, they rigidify irreversibly under the effect of heat, and may not turned again without deterioration of their molecular structure.

    It retains its original shape thanks to many solid and chemical bonds (silicons)

  • The Elastomers

  • More known as rubber, this material has properties that are in the automotive industry such as flexibility or stiffness that varies according to its molecular density.

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